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June 3rd, 2014
June 3rd, 2014

Dive For Peace Day

UNESCO's International day of diving

Saturday June 28th 2014 is UNESCO´s international Dive For Peace Day, created to help mark the centenary of the First World War.

Divers from across the globe are encouraged to dive on a First World War site, in a responsible manner of course, by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. A lack of WW1 sites in the Vancouver area has not stopped two local dive companies teaming up for a fun day on the water. Sea Dragon's Topline charter out of Horseshoe Bay, and dive marketing company have decided a fun day of diving, with a historical twist can make for a grand day out.

Weather permitting divers will be swimming around a site that is relevant to UNESCO´s cause, with Captain Kevin Breckman choosing two fantastic sites especially for that day - depending on weather and tides - so fingers crossed!

The Dive For Peace Day will consist of one lovely dive, followed by a BBQ lunch alongside the former HMCS Annapolis (what better fit than lunch next to an old war ship), then a second glorious dive before heading back to dry land for a beer!

The day will be not just be to promote a remembrance of the First World War, but also WW2, and most importantly - to celebrate the freedom that was given to us, so we can do cool things like scuba dive!

Each diver will get a Dive For Peace t-shirt, a fact sheet detailing some interesting Canadian WW1&2 information, a cold beer (for after the dive) and some BBQ food! will be making a short video of the event, and a group photo will be taken and made available to each diver.

It is hoped the day will help raise awareness of Canada's involvement in the Great Wars, by offering some historical content from a different perspective.

Charters, stores and resorts the region over are asked to consider something similar. Are there some interesting wrecks or sites that you can Dive For Peace?
Bookings: Phone SeaDragon 604-329-3486
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