Legalization Of Cannabis In Canada

Cannabis or rather marijuana as people call it has a long historical fundamental to human use. This takes you back when the plant was cultivated for medicinal, textile and rope purposes. In the 1800s an Irish doctor known as Sir William Brooke who studied in India found out that extraction from cannabis substance helped in reducing stomach pains and cholera victims. Still on the same century, these extractions were sold in different areas throughout the European continent such as pharmacies for the treatment of stomach problems. Back in the 19th century cannabis was the strictly criminalized due to political factors. In 2001 Canada was the first country to legalize the use of cannabis strain Green Ace Online medically across the world and in 2015 Uruguay followed the suit. 17 years later Canada made an adverse measure in legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, while South Africa as the only country in Africa followed the steps. Hence Canada permits the use of cannabis for both recreational and medical reasons. Would you mind to pack your bags and shift to Canada? Most probably the answer would be yes. The bill passed with most amendments from the senate house and the version was accepted on 19th June 2019.

Although the legalization was declared free, it is still regulated the same way alcohol is in the country by limiting home production, distribution, consumption areas and time for sales. While implementing taxation punishment was strengthen to those found guilt supplying the drug to minors or during driving.

As of October 2016, poll was conducted and showed about five million Canadians use marijuana on a monthly basis as this figure is expected to rise by more than fifteen per cent. Out of the possible five million users, 3.8 million use cannabis for recreational purposes with the rest under medical practitioner’s watch. With facts at hand statistics shows that there is more recreational user of cannabis products compared to medical patients in Canada.

The new federal act passed allows possession of up-to 30 grams of cannabis and in addition the federal Act also permits each house hold to grow at most four of marijuana plant Yes, you heard me right. The Act also states that any distribution within Canada is actually controlled by the provincial government whereas licensed production will be driven by the federal government.

Since the legalization of marijuana in 2001 went through, in Canada cancer victims are the most beneficiaries of the products as it is believed that more than three hundred thousand people are registered to receive cannabis treatment.

Furthermore, now that the drug is legalized, suspects who were convicted in possession of marijuana had to be pardoned and charges dropped.

In conclusion, Canada is a free sovereign country that passed the bill to legalize the use of cannabis products for both medical and recreational purposes. In Canada you smoke weed freely without anybody bothering your whereabouts.