Five Companies with Top Cannabis Stocks in Canada: A Revolutionary Outline for Investors

The stock markets this year appear to be all-time highs. The stockbrokers all over always beam with posters screaming out which the best companies they want you to invest in your portfolio. They say that growth stocks are among the best and safest investments. They also say invest, and your profits will explode.

However, if you are considering taking your portfolio to a new level with stocks, it isn’t enough to pick any of those bits of advice to stake all your savings on. It would be best if you considered several other factors. You know, such things like their current performance on the stock market.

So how about investing in the top stocks in the marijuana industry? Does it sound good? Definitely, it is. The sector is currently the best in the market. So here are the 5 Companies with Top Cannabis Stocks in Canada that you can consider starting with:

OrganiGram Holdings

Organigram Holdings Inc. is a Brunswick-based company, listed among the leading high-quality cannabis producers in Canada. TSX and NASDAQ have listed this company. In the index, OrganiGram stocks boast as the cheapest Cannabis stock.

With their remarkable revenue growth predicts explosive profit margins that the company can withness. OrganiGram Holdings, having been built on innovation and creativity, has become the national quality cannabis brand. The stock performance of this company is expected to be impressive.

Trulieve Cannabis

Trulieve Cannabis Corporation produces medicinal cannabis products with its Head Quarters in Quincy, FL. The company nurtures in-house products that the company mainly distributes throughout its branded stores.

The average earnings estimate of the company for the current year ending is currently 0.704 USD. Trulieve Cannabis is among the preferable stock in the market.

Canopy Growth Corp.

How would a list of 5 Companies with Top Cannabis Stocks in Canada miss the Canopy Growth Corporation? Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX: WEED) is a ‘Canada’s first’ in the cannabis stock market, yet it is still new in the industry! The demand for its Tweed brand cannibal product grows higher as its popularity soars.

Although its year-to-date stock is relatively down for about 33%, Canopy Growth Corp. should be one of your favorite stocks.

Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis(TSXV: SCR) is the most well-known for its production of dry cannabis besides their cannabis oil. It has been in the TSX market for quite some time and has shown promising growth value. This is because the company has created a lot of opportunities and potential in the marijuana industry business. This has made it attractive to invest in their stocks.

Aphria Inc.

Aphria Inc. (TSX: APHA) is another cannabis company that produces and distributes dry cannabis and cannabis oil for medicinal and recreational purposes. The company has big plans on its portfolio, including a recent agreement of some strategic investments. Generally, or as expected, their stocks surged higher and in demand as they announce more deals.

Of course, it is worth considering Aphria Inc., as the company remains at the top of potential profitability growth.

The bottom line of the Top Cannabis Stocks in Canada

Top cannabis stocks in Canada are the best to consider for investing. This list has shown you the five high-quality cannabis companies that show significant or potential growth in their industry. These companies should get you started in your research.