Cons Of Legalization Of Marijuana In Canada

Following the legalization of marijuana in Canada, there are various effects of this move. In the past marijuana dealers used to operate through black markets but the government has ended such deals through legalization of the weed Shiva Buzz dispensary This article is meant to evaluate the disadvantages of this legal milestone.

  1. The gate-way impact of marijuana– marijuana is a drug when taken has an impact of stimulating the user to demand more hard drugs. Legalizing it means that many users will resort to more hard drugs when they consume. This will increase the rate of substance abuse in the nation.
  2. Alteration of perception– marijuana has the effect of altering your perception. This means that when you drive after taking the drug, you might cause an accident due to poor judgement. The problem of driving under the influence of alcohol is big and legalizing marijuana will worsen it. There will be an increase of incidents of robbery with violence brought about by the psychotropic influence of cannabis.
  3. Increase of cases of lung cancer Smokers of marijuana take deep smokes that they hold in the lungs for a long time. This habit will create a favourable environment for emergence of lung cancers. Due to the legalization of marijuana, we shall experience the phenomena of lung cancer in large scale.
  4. Compromising of mental health– marijuana smokers have a range of conditions that are negative for their mental health. These are like: poor blood flow to the brain, memory loss, depression and schizophrenia. All these conditions have negative impact on the consumer’s mental health. By legalizing the drug, the effects of these negative conditions will be worsened and happen at large scale.
  5. Impact of secondhand smoking– there will be an increased rate of second-hand smoking. This will be made worse because the second-hand smoking from tobacco is still a big problem. Due to the legalization of marijuana, second-hand smokers will increase which will translate to emergency of lung cancers. Many second hand-smokers are nauseated by the bad smell and may experience some form of highness.
  6. Problem of addiction Smokers of marijuana get addicted and become drug dependence. This has an impact on health because the addicted persons may eventually suffer from diseases like mental illnesses, diseases like HIV/AIDS, and even death.
  7. Reproductive health Long time use of cannabis will lead to low sperm count among men. The usage of marijuana over a long period is also associated with cancers of the testicles. In women, marijuana may cause poor growth of the foetus and lead to mental poor health of the offspring. Marijuana use for long time may lead to infertility in both men and women.